Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Starting Weight Watchers

I first started to put on weight seriously after meeting my boyfriend, Steve, 5 years ago. Since meeting Steve I have put on a total of 4 stone 10lbs, a weight gain of nearly 13lbs a year. Looking at these numbers shocks me. I have gained the equivilent of ten new born babies in weight and my BMI has gone from 24.8 to 34.6.

I first realised I was fat four weeks ago. Shocked? I have been fat, truely fat, obsese, for the last two years, but it is only recently that I have realised the full extent of my weight problem. I have always felt comfortable naked and even at my biggest, I love buying clothes, but shopping for a wedding dress was the most gutting experience of my life.

Steve and I got engaged a year ago - I wish I knew then, what I know now. We are getting married on 9th April and inevitably, I will be a fat bride. I cannot change this. I made a bargain with myself that I would lose 7lbs before the wedding; I gave myself five weeks to do this. So far, I have lost 4.5lb. I need to lose 2.5lbs this week in order to reach my goal of half a stone.

Although the weight-loss is so far small, this is the first time I have lost weight in nearly two years and feeling my trousers becoming loser rather than tighter is a real novelty. I am determind to achieve a healthy BMI and to feel sexy again. My health and fertility are huge concerns for me and I also want to be sexy for my boyfriend again. Although looks shouldn't matter, they do.

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