Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Wedding

Well, the wedding is set for 9th April and we fly out to Las Vegas this Sunday. I am so nervous but equally excited.

I bought 'The Dress' four weeks ago and there is now 4.5lbs less of me to go in it (this is no bad thing). As much as a trauma the dress purchase was, I am in love with it.
The gold trim around the waist is very flattering and the detail to chest will draw attention to my best attribute.
The wedding ceremony is due to be performed by an Elvis impersonator at 'A Elvis Chapel' in Las Vegas. The whole thing is very 'Us' and will be a nice balance of humour and sentimentality.

I will need to continue with the weight watchers even in Las Vegas as I am at the point where I NEED to lose the weight. Opt-outs, even for my own wedding, are not an option. Besides, I'm pretty sure I used all of my holiday points on my hen night alone!

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