Wednesday, 15 April 2009

After the Wedding

Well, the wedding was amazing as I hoped it would be; I am so glad we decided to get married abroad. Las Vegas was wonderful - great sights, food, and alcohol!

Of course all this has lead to an inevitable gain of 3.5lbs in a week. The speed at which weight can be gained is really rather sickening. I thought I had only gained 2.5lbs earlier, but I just did some maths and looks like it really is a quartre of a stone gain.

I am glad I didn't do my points on holiday though. I'm only getting the one honeymoon after all. I am back on the points now though and I am finding it quite easy (good news) - it is almost a relief to be eating normally again!

I've looked at some of the photos from the wedding
and I actually look quite good. I've done some canny cropping to ensure I don't look too fat in the pictures, because I don't want to look back at the pictures years from now and just think, "God, I was FAT". I want to remember how good it felt and feel proud when I look at the photos. So I'm lying to my future self more than the present Me.

I will be sent the official wedding photos in a few days so hopefully they will look good. These will be the first pictures I see where Me and my new husband actually appear in photographs together!

I bought the wedding ring whilst I was out in Las Vegas. I chose an oyster at a place called 'Pearl Factory' and found a blue pearl, which is apparently quite rare. I chose a sterling silver ring setting for it with special leaf detail around the pearl which stands for love, honour, and respect. I love the sentiment and the ring is truely personal to me.

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