Thursday, 2 April 2009

Weight Loss

Well, I weighed myself when I got back from work and I've lost 2lbs! Yay! So fingers crossed, with a big poo and a light dinner tonight, I will have lost 2.5lb by tomorrow morning.

I tried on my 'New Look' boyfriend jeans that I bought a few months ago (they never did fit) and they finally do up! Frankly, I think this is the first time I have bought something thinking I would slim into it and actually done so. I am a size 18 again and can shop in 'normal' shops.

Tonight I'm making the Weight Watchers Spagetti Carbonara recipe for 8.5 points. I have a few points left and want to be full-up for the evening, so pasta is perfect. Since starting the diet I have started cooking a lot more and I am far more likely to go out to fetch ingredients now than pick up a take-away. My best friend gave me a few tips on speeding up my weight loss and he best piece of advise was 'ditch the take-aways'; even though take-aways can be pointed, you can never be sure of the exact portion size or ingredients. I wonder if this has contributed to the 2lb loss. I have also completely avoided alcohol this week. I did try drinking 8 glasses of water a day, but the mere thought of it drives me to dispair.

I am so proud of myself for what I have achieved so far. Since starting weight watchers I have lost at least 6.5lbs and before that I lost about 7lbs using the Nintendo DS 'Health Coach'. I eventually bored of the game, but it suited its purpose and kick started my weight loss. I would certainly recommend it for losing a few lbs but the system is too general and the 'points' to vague to use long term.

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kimberlina said...

wooohooo that's great hun. You are going to look killer in that wedding dress! I'm very proud of you too xxx