Saturday, 4 April 2009

My First Seven Pounds!

I lost the final 2.5lbs! This makes my total weight loss 7lbs in 5 weeks. We are going to town today to buy the waist coat - in your face Steve! I need to make sure that I don't put all of this weight back on in Vegas.

I went out last night to celebrate the end of term and a few too many drinks and then, I am ashamed to admit it, had a curry! My best mate was right - alcohol hinders weight loss, not just because of the points, but because it stops you making sensible decisions about food. Luckily, I wasn't so drunk that I started to buy peanuts and salt and vinigar crisps in the pub - always my weakness - meaning I managed to only (!) go over by 13 points. However, this is not good news and not what I needed prior to going away to the world's leader in portion sizes. I must endeavour not to eat anything bigger than my face.


kimberlina said...

Your best mate sounds like a very wise woman!!!

Well done on reaching the waistcoat goal and have a fabulous time xxx

Fat4Now said...

linked you up
gl gl :)