Sunday, 19 April 2009

Wedding Reception

I had my wedding reception last night. My husband and I, plus 40 guests of friends and family, went for a curry and drinks. Frankly, the only way to do a wedding! The meal was excellent and I certainly wasn't worrying about points as I was around so many people that I loved and was on such a high.

It was slightly odd being around so many people that I knew from so many different walks of life, but I enjoyed it even if it was incredibly overwhelming. It was a shame that so many people had come from so far away, yet I was only able to talk to everyone individually for less than 15 minutes. I am so glad that Steve and I went for understated - there is no way I could have handled organising a 100 people+ wedding with reception, meal, and ceremony.

My best friend had written a speech, but she wasn't able to read it in the end as everything got a bit disorganised. I wish she had had a chance to read it, but she had a copy of it with her so she gave me and Steve the speech to read ourselves. Steve got a little bit emotional when he read it and I don't blame him: it was really touching. I'm not sure that I told Kim how much the speech meant to me yesterday, so hopefully she will read this and know.

We got a crazy number of presents and vouchers, which was just awesome. We finally have an excuse to buy some new pots, pans, plates, etc; the stuff normal adults have already.

We finally got the official wedding photos back. We are going to use this one on the thank you cards:

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kimberlina said...

She read, she knows, she cried!

Was a lovely night and everyone had an amazing time xxxx